Chino Valley is a great place to live

Chino Valley is a great place to live because it does not have gangs. It does not have that many people who do drugs or drink. It is a relatively small town, that is what makes it such a great place to grow up, and the people are friendly most of the time. The schools are good for learning but not for socializing. There are many historical buildings around Chino Valley. People are moving up here so fast that the old buildings are going to be torn down if they are not preserved properly.

One of the few things that most people like to do around here for fun on weekends is go to the mom and pop store called “I’m Game” and play magic and other games involving many people. Most of the young people socialize that way. Some young people like to go to the Verde River to clean it up. A karate class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays that many young women go to, sometimes young men too. Few people get in trouble with the law just for fun, but that has gone down considerably. Quite a few highschoolers join the National Organization of Agricultural Education also known as the FFA. They help keep Chino Valley looking beautiful. 

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