I consider Flagstaff to be the place

I consider Flagstaff to be the place I call home. I was born in Flagstaff on November 23, 1977, just one day before Thanksgiving. I like to tell the story of how I had my first turkey dinner with my mom at Flagstaff Medical Center. I lived in Flagstaff for 28 years but now currently reside in Phoenix.

I grew up in a quiet family neighborhood where you never had to worry about crime. I enjoyed playing outdoors with my older brother and neighborhood friends. The summers were always just right and everything was so beautiful and green. The trees were full of apples and the peach trees were beginning to get ripe. Then fall would come and all of the leaves on the trees would start to change colors. My dad used to take us for a drive up to “The Peaks” to see the leaves on the aspen trees begin to turn wonderful shades of orange and yellow. Fall was my favorite time of the year.

I always referred to Flagstaff as a small town and as many small towns are, the people that live there are very friendly. You very rarely met someone who wouldn’t say hi as you were passing them on the street corner or in the grocery store.

The church I grew up in was also small. Over the years as I got older, I began to realize how much I loved this town. I began working as a medical assistant in a doctor’s office. It seemed to be that not a day went by that I didn’t know at least one of the patients I brought back to the exam room. I truly loved visiting with these people. They had so many stories to tell and when they found out I was from Flagstaff, I pretty much just had to pull up a chair and share with them any memories I had. They always liked to talk about how things used to be, especially the winters.

I know in my heart that Flagstaff will never be the small town it once was, but I know that today the changes that are being made are being made only to improve the way the city looks and feels. I am excited to see these changes and hope that one day after I have my nursing degree that my family and I will be able to return. This is why I call Flagstaff my Arizona hometown. 

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